A Redzone Nightmare: Detroit Lions Receivers

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Published: April 30, 2009


... Ronald Curry - 6''2 - 210 lbs

WR - Travis Taylor - 6''1 - 210

WR - D.J. Boldin - 6''1 - 220 lbs

WR - John Standeford - 6''4 - 206 lbs

WR - Steve Sanders - 6''3 - 205 lbs

WR - Chris Hannon - 6''3 - 205 lbs

TE - Brandon Pettigrew - 6''5 - 263 lbs

As of now those are the targets Lions Quarterbacks will be throwing too. Along with William Franklin (6'0"), Derrick Williams (5'11"), Adam Jennings (5'9"), and the rest of the Lions TEs with the shortest one being Jake Nordin at 6'3".

If the Lions get into the endzone there is no reason the quarterbacks can't throw the ball up to Pettigrew or one of the Johnsons and let them just go up and get it. If that fails, hey, give the ball to the 300 pound FB we have and let him steam roll somebody.

There is a lot of potential in the Lions receiving and tight end corps, but until they step on the field and prove something its just potential. We all know that Calvin Johnson is a fr...

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