A Celebration of the Fanatic: A Fresh Perspective

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Published: April 3, 2009


... negative connotation.  It implies levels of irrationality bordering on psychosis.

It implies a departure from reason bordering on dangerous.  It implies a state of reality completely distorted by the unbridled emotion and passion found solely in something one believes in unconditionally.

In most walks of life, fanatics have been pushed towards the fringes of society by "normal" level-headed people.  Religious fanatics in this country generally give anyone in the room the creeps through their blustering and predictions of fire and brimstone.

Political zealots immediately make any conversation simultaneously awkward and inflammatory regardless of circumstance.

It is the above two facts which have made me a staunch believer in the phrase, "The two things you don't talk about in a bar are religion and politics."

However, there is a brand of fanatic that is welcomed and in fact appear to populate fine drinking establishments throughou...

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