49ers SHOULD Trade Crabtree To The Jets

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Published: October 2, 2009

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... the iron's hot, 'fore you stop
Then you gotta bid it, good riddance

Jay-Z “My 1st Song”

The Jets practice in Long Island and play in New Jersey. They operate like the goodfellas who live in both. They scoff at authority, laugh when breaking the rules, and shrug off the penalties. Failure to report an injury. Allegations of tampering from the Patriots, Broncos, and most recently the San Francisco 49ers. And like all good mobsters, they deny it. Find me guilty! Rex Ryan looks like a Cosa Nostra henchman. Tannenbaum is no better with his ill-fitting Italian suits.

This latest allegation of tampering with the 49ers involves unsigned rookie wide receiver Michael Crabtree. Crabtree, at the brilliantly sound advice of his cousin/agent or agent/cousin Eugene Parker, is still holding out for more money. Parker must be employed by the Master P sports agency, the geniuses that negotiated Ric...

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