49ers Bound and Determined to Be Laughingstock Of the NFL

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Published: March 28, 2009


... is the second coming of Joe Montana, or John Elway.  I was never very impressed by his career at Georgia.

Yes, he put up good numbers, but he didn't strike me as a quarterback that could put a team on his back and carry them to victory.  I don't see him as being the quintessential first round pick that so many have, since his combine workouts.  Based on what I've seen of his play, he might be a decent backup somewhere, and four or five years down the road, might turn into a Trent Dilfer style. The type that doesn't help the team much, but doesn't hurt the team much either.

Having said that, the recent announcement that the San Francisco 49ers are going to stay away from drafting him because their team therapist doesn't think Stafford is handling his parents' divorce perfectly, is laugh out loud funny.

This once very proud franchise, one that in the interest of full disclosure, I spent my formative years openly rooting against, has fallen on v...

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