2009 NFL’s Free Agency Winners and Losers

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Published: April 1, 2009


... agency for the opening weekend.

Now that a month has passed since free agency opened and most of the desirable players were signed, I am ready to hand down my final verdict.

No grades, this is a pass/fail class. Some of the teams are going to be the same and some are going to be different. Let’s start with my five winners.


1) New York Giants:  I love what the New York Giants have done this offseason. Their top priority had to be keeping Brandon Jacobs. He is the heart and soul of their dominant run offense. They were able to lock him up a four-year $25 million contract, which was huge.

That allowed them to part ways with Derrick Ward, who played big for them the last two years, but was replaceable. Having Ahmad Bradshaw gives them good running back depth.

Then they went out and dramatically improved a de...

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