20 Ways You Know You Are a Minnesota Vikings Fan

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Published: April 16, 2009


... was a franchise quarterback.

2. You hate your quarterback.

3. Your team has signed big time free agents the last couple of years and still didn't do very well.

4. You were excited when Gus Ferrotte replaced your old quarterback.

5. Your running back could be a better quarterback than your actual quarterback.

6. You look at other teams running backs and laugh.

7. Other teams look at your quarterback and laugh.

8. You give thanks every day that Brett Favre left the Packers.

9. You wonder why the hell Tavaris Jackson is still quarterbacking your team.

10. You used to think Randy Moss was a nice guy.

11. You think every other team in the league is crap.

12. Fran Tarkenton today would be an upgrade over your quarterback.

13. You constantly steal players from the Packers.

14. You don't know whether Tavaris Jackson is a really good quarterback or a really bad quarterback.

15. Whenever yo...

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