20 Ways You Know You Are a Chicago Bears Fan

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Published: April 15, 2009


... Jay Cutler is the second coming of Jesus.

3. Your team traded away their first round picks because they know they don't use them on anyone good anyways

4. You constantly have to apologize to Georgia Bulldogs fans because you thought their G was green.

5. You laugh when someone says its cold no matter what the temperature is.

6.You hated That '70s Show because everyone in it liked the Packers.

7. You know that there are two Adrian Petersons.

8. You scream for any quarterback who had a half-way decent season.

9. You love the Bears because they ease your pain from the failures of the Cubs.

10. When your special teams score more than your offense it comes as no surprise.

11.You refuse to admit Brett Favre is a good quarterback.

12. Your leading receiver is a running back.

13. You wonder why your best wide receiver scored more touchdowns as a kick returner.

14. You have ever owned a Rex Grossman jersey...

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