The Possible Future Expansion Of The NFL “Brady Rule” Is Making Me Hermatile


Published: March 30, 2009


... making me a bit angry, no really; it’s making me hermatile.

The NFL and all the team owners decided it was time to institute some more rules to protect the quarterback from serious harm. One of the newest rules is termed as the “Brady Rule.”

Yes, I know that quarterback salaries are expensive and everyone is only trying to protect their investments. I know it’s hard for a team to redeem a season if the quarterback gets hurt.

In basic terms, the rule implores the defensive player to refrain from trying to wrap up the quarterback once they have been blocked to the ground.

If we stop and consider the recent and current rule changes, we can extrapolate out the possible rule changes that we will see instituted in the future.

Let us skip ahead a few years, into the not too distant future when the NFL establishes the “Quarterback personal space rule”? 

The quarterbacks personal space is defined the entire are...

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