Plaxico Buried…Unfairly?


Published: March 30, 2009


... a New York Giants fan as I am from being a fan of Osama Bin Laden, or even worse, a Redskins fan.

On top of that, Plaxico Burress is a knucklehead. I’ve yet to decide if the Giants are better off with or without him, but as a Cowboys fan, I’m hoping whichever state is worse for them, that’s what they get.

Having clarified the above, removed my DeMarcus Ware jersey, and moved my thinking to a more objective state, I wonder if Burress is getting a fair shake with this whole gun incident.

Don’t get me wrong…I believe that athletes and other rich and famous folks should be treated no better than the rest of us nobodies.

But I also believe that they should be treated no worse. I’m not saying for sure that Burress is, isn’t being, or will be treated unfairly, I’m just starting to wonder.

I was reading today that Burress is allegedly negotiating a plea deal…one that may include jail tim...

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