Green Bay Packers: Return To Glory—the Draft


Published: April 11, 2009


... suggests all things are renewed. And yes, it is the time of year for the greatest marketing/brand equity scheme in sports and arguably even within the circles of Wall Street. It is time for the NFL draft. The time when NFL GM’s sell team futures to build product interest and. ticket sales. Bless them one and all!


Draft day is about intrigue, smoke screens, and especially strategy to address needs. The Green Bay Packers have a defense that too often caved in last year. In order to return to 2007 form and results,  "The Pack" must address this side of the ball.


The two most glaring needs are for additional interior line help and a complimentary pass rusher, preferably an edge rushing hybrid DE/OLB to relieve double team pressure on Aaron Kampman. So without any further drum rolls the Green Bay Packers select with their number nine pick:

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