For Seattle Seahawks, It’s Either Curry or a Spicier Option—Trade Down


Published: April 23, 2009


... Seahawks might have a good chance of trading down from the fourth pick overall.


Although multiple polls show receiver Michael Crabtree to be the fan favorite for the Seahawks’ pick at No. 4, Aaron Curry has to be the guy if he’s available. The Wake Forest linebacker is the safest, surest pick in this draft and would fill an immediate need for Seattle, which surprisingly traded Julian Peterson last month.


Many people have argued that the top five is too high to draft a linebacker. But it’s not too high if that linebacker is the best player in the draft. And it’s not too high if you’re a team that needs a stud linebacker to replace the stud linebacker you just traded—and perhaps to replace the stud linebacker you franchised and might not have a year from now. Curry is easily the best pick if he’s there.

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