Cashman, Journalism…and the Snuggie


Published: March 15, 2009


... >New York Times ran a piece concerning a very small passage from my upcoming Roger Clemens book. It detailed Brian Cashman, Yankees GM, standing in the clubhouse and yelling at Jason Giambi (well, his image on a TV screen) to take whatever he was using in Oakland.

Whenever these sorts of things blow up, I’m always asked, “So how do you feel?” by friends and family members. Many people assume you’d be psyched, because it only helps get the word out. Others think you’d be bummed, because Cashman was clearly angry. My general, honest-to-goodness reaction: A strong desire to hide.

I was just discussing this with my wife the other day—a smart, beautiful, wonderful woman who believes I make no sense. From John Rocker and David Wells to Barry Bonds, the 90s Cowboys and Clemens, I’ve never been one to shy away from difficult subjects. I try and tackle issues/people head-on, and can’t remember a time when I’ve decided to...

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