Why the Giants Did Not Beat the Cowboys As One Would Think

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Published: September 21, 2009

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... or the appearance of my mother; I want to state that the title of this article was meant to draw you into the article.

The Giants did beat the Cowboys. The scoreboard says so with a 33-31 score. What I am saying is that the Giants didn’t really dominate as much as one would think. The core reason for this loss is attributed to a bunch of Cowboy blunders.

The Cowboys had more things go wrong for them than Laurel and Hardy do in a movie. Except there was no happy ending for the Cowboys.

Four turnovers led to 24 points. 24 points! That means that only 9 points were made on Giant drives. The Cowboys defensively were great in some areas, and intermediate at others, but they shouldn’t have to be in those situations.

But, I will swear on a stack that the Cowboys shot their own selves in the BLEEP to be very blunt. Tony Romo threw three interceptions, and Felix Jones fumbled a kickoff return. Every single one of those turnovers led to points that defe...

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