UFL: Selling Out and Wimping Out

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Published: July 9, 2009

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... you're an NFL fan, you're bound to be disappointed if you don't like change.

Perhaps the most atrocious variation from NFL rules is the quarterback "grounding" rule, where the QB, under pressure, is allowed to ground the ball whether he is inside or outside the pocket.

And Raiders fans will be sad to hear the "tuck" rule, made famous in the 2002 playoff game between Oakland and New England, will be eliminated.

The rule, meant to hold quarterbacks responsible for their intent, rules the reneging of forward motion—either by tucking the ball back or stopping the passing motion—an incomplete pass if it is forced out by a defender.

All coaches will be "wired" so their comments will be broadcast—although supposedly no sideline chatter will be aired—and cameras will be allowed in locker rooms for the first four minutes of halftime to provide fans with "off-limit" access throughout the game.

I guess it's just as bad as the occasion...

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