Time Outs Just before the Snap Have Got To Go

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Published: September 21, 2009

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... game that comes down to a field goal, Wade Phillips waited until the last possible second to use a time out in order to freeze Giant's kicker Lawrence Tynes. 

Now I'm not against freezing the kicker, even though I don't really think it works, but what I am against is waiting until that last possible second. Why? Because the play still gets ran.  The players don't hear that whistle and they go about the play as if nothing has happened.

This means you have men upwards of 200 pounds rushing in trying to block a field goal attempt. When you run a play like this at the end of a game, especially one as emotionally charged as the stadium opener in Dallas (well Arlington), you've got guys giving their all to block that kick.

If someone gets hurt on a play, well that's football, but if someone gets hurt for no reason, as in what could have happened when the time out was called just before the snap, well that is close to being unsporting.

The freezing p...

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