Three Reasons for Optimism in Denver


Published: April 14, 2009

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... the Denver Broncos stole this NFL offseason with the McDaniels-Cutler shenanigans that lasted for way longer than anyone other than lazy media types wanted it to.

Now that all that big stuff is out of the way, the sports media world can go back to reporting on how, yet again, T.O. is going to show up late for camp. Snore. Ooh, I know, let's have another highly irrelevant Michael Vick prison update!

Grumblings aside, I am going to indulge myself (and my newly discovered Broncos comrades here at BR) with a couple of major reasons why they can be optimistic about the upcoming season.

Four months still feels like way too long to have to wait for football season, so I will take this briefest of moments to plug your local semi-pro team, who is more likely than not in the middle of their season. Now then, without further ado:


(1) The defense can only get better

As someone that watched the Broncos when John Elway had no defe...

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