The Top Five: Best Fanbases in the NFL


Published: July 16, 2009

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... down the top five fanbases.

He said the teams were chosen based on home field advantage, memorabilia sales, how well they travel, and a couple other factors.

His top five went like this:

5. New England Patriots
4. New York Giants
3. Dallas Cowboys
2. Green Bay Packers
1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Now, while I don't have a problem with the Giants, Packers, or Steelers being on here, the fact that the Patriots and Cowboys are on here is insane.

How in the world can you put two franchises on this list with perhaps the most front-running fanbases in not only the league, but in all of sports?

How many Patriots fans, outside of New England, were there up until around 2001? Four, five, six at the very most, and that's being generous.

The New England Patriots were an afterthought on the national level. No one cared about the Patriots, again outside of New England, until they started winning Super Bowl...

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