The “Plax Effect” Is Back, but Not in a Good Way


Published: April 28, 2009


... from opposing defenses.

While playing for the Giants, Plaxico Burress created such a presence in the field with his great size (6'5") and incredibly deceptive speed that teams began to scheme separate gameplans just in an attempt to stop him.

Drawing consistent double-teams gives your offense a great advantage not only because other receivers will always be going against single coverage but also because it prevents defenses from stuffing the run with eight men in the box.

Of course, a team could always choose to not double a receiver like Burress, in which case the man will just use size and speed to present a great vertical target.

With Plax, the Giants' offense worked beautifully. Too bad Burress was stupid enough to shoot himself in the thigh with an unregistered gun, and you all know the result of his incident.


But moving on to today.

Plaxico is gone and the G-Men had a great draft, but all I can hear is that t...

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