The Myth of Peyton Manning Always Being Surrounded by Exceptional Talent


Published: May 3, 2009


... Manning has ALWAYS had dangerous weapons to throw to.

Peyton Manning has played with the best offensive line of this generation.

Peyton Manning's defenses are not really that bad.

Now are these generalizations, or incorrect perceptions that have now become accepted as factual?

While I have actually taken the time to watch the Colts play over the years, I know the reality of the situation...

It has become abundantly clear that a great percentage of the population has adopted the aforementioned beliefs and have passed the following information around as if it was actually factual.

What I now seek to do is to take a closer look into the career of Peyton Manning in an effort to provide a more accurate account of the support he has had along the way.

For the purpose of this discussion, I looked at a few different categories of various criteria that should help shed some light on the situation.

We will be taking a look ...

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