The Lifecycle of a Scheme: How The Innovative Becomes Mundane


Published: July 17, 2009

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... article examining how the Wildcat was used successfully against more-talented teams (taking a hint from a Malcolm Gladwell piece). The dynamic was similar to other David-Goliath matches: a "lesser" team adopted an unconventional method to best a "better" opponent.

However, there's another issue to be considered: What happens when Goliath adapts?

Teams create (or reanimate) schemes to disrupt the equilibrium of the league. Unsuccessful teams, seeking to change the status quo, change the way they play to use what talent they have, exploit another team's weaknesses or simply to confuse successful teams.

Buffalo's "no-huddle" offense ran plays in quick succession to prevent other teams from substituting players on defense. In the '90s, the team rode this offense to four consecutive Super Bowl appearances.

The Wildcat creates confusion on the part of opposing te...

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