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The Inevitable Trades For Derrick Burgess

Posted By NFLSportChannel On April 18, 2009 @ 7:14 pm In News | No Comments

I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that former Pro Bowl DE Derrick Burgess is soon to be a former Oakland Raider. 

"Why?", you ask. 

Well, as it turns out, there are many reasons.

Do you believe that Al Davis will sit pat, with just the five draft picks he has? 

I don't either.

He'll want more and he'll be looking for ways to get more. He may trade down, with one of his higher picks, yet his history, however, goes against that, or he might trade a player or two. 

He may even do both, before the draft is over.

I consider trading a player to be the option Mr. Davis favors. 

So, who would he deal? 

The player he'd get the most for, in return, could be RB Michael Bush. With the brilliant potential that Bush displayed in last year's season finale against Tampa Bay, many teams could come calling.

Al Davis has seen too many Oakland RB's go down in the past few seasons to be keen on trading Bush. Yet, he would be willing to let pass-rushing DE Derrick Burgess go for the right price!

Trevor Scott's part-time performance last season might lead him to believe that he has a younger, healthier version of Burgess right now; That makes the Raiders' defensive captain expendable.  

Davis does not know what he'll get from Burgess if he keeps him. Burgess is in the last year of his four-year deal and he'll demand a pay-raise to resign with Oakland. 

Being healthy again, he could have another Pro-Bowl year; He'd deserve that payraise if he did. 

Yet, Davis may feel this is best time to replace Burgess. As long as Burgess is still perceived to have Pro-Bowl potential, other teams could meet Davis' price.

The important question is which teams would be interested? 

There are many teams in need of a good pass-rushing DE. There are 3-4 teams that need DE's who can play the run and the pass, but that's not Burgess' forte.  

So nix those.

The Lions need almost everything on D.  The Bills, Bucs, Falcons, Cards and Eagles could use Burgess' talents as well; Also, should they trade DE Julius Peppers, add the Panthers to the list.

I'd expect that Al Davis would want at least a mid third-round pick, and, at most, a low first-round pick. 

Which teams are most likely to offer that much?

The Lions have two firsts, two thirds and two sixths, and they only lack a fourth rounder. Their picks are also very high in each round. 

The Bills also hold two firsts, and they have one pick in the rest of the rounds. Their picks are fairly high as well. 

The Bucs are missing a second, yet have three sevenths; Their picks are mid-rounders. 

The Falcons have two fifths and are missing a seventh; Their picks are low in each round. 

The Cards have two sevenths and their picks are at the bottom of each round. 

The Eagles have three fifths and two sixths. Their picks are mid-rounders and slightly lower than the Bucs'.

This is a considerable market for the services of Derrick Burgess. The Lions, Bills and Bucs have the most high picks to offer. These teams happen to be most in need of Mr. Burgess as well! 

Good news, I believe Al Davis' best chances to get a deal to his liking will be with these three teams. 

With more needs to fill than draft picks, Al Davis will soon say thanks and farewell to Derrick Burgess. We will miss him, and his new team will be thankful to have him. 

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