The Detroit Lions Clearly Have Their Priorities Straight: New Uniforms WTF?


Published: April 2, 2009

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... uniform/logo change. Like a high school girl's softball team, they seem to be more intent on looking good rather than playing good.

Following the NFL’s first 0-16 season, they really need to step back and re-evaluate their priorities. If I’m a Lions fan, and thankfully I’m not, I would be more interested in seeing my team win a game next season rather than having the opportunity to buy a shiny new jersey.

Maybe the Lions hope to follow the example set by the Rays, formerly the Devil Rays, after their last place finish in 2007. After changing their name and getting new uniforms that were more appealing to the eyes, the Rays went from worst to first and made their first playoff/World Series appearance in 2008.

The only difference between this Lions team and that Cinderella story of the 2008 Rays is a competent front office. The Rays and Lions have both been drafting at the...

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