That’s Not a Five, That’s an “S”: A Look into Donovan McNabb’s Past


Published: July 11, 2009

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... was clutch.

Can you remember?

Syracuse and Virginia Tech?


McNabb was in orange before the green he wears today. He was seen as the dangerous QB of the Big East.

VT's defense should have remembered that.

22-26, Virginia Tech was in the lead. By four. The dreaded number by all of the "I wan't to make a comeback" teams. A field goal won't do, and touch downs are hard to come by these days (1998), so really if McNabb could see all of the clocks in the world at that very moment in time, they would all read "Crunch Time."

Fourth and eight, with 1:45 left in the ball game, and the Orangemen were about 60 yards away from pay-dirt.

Dan Marino had done it. John Elway, Steve Young, they've done it. McNabb?

So, fourth and eight.

If I had been Paul Pasqualoni in this situation, I would have called a nice streak route, and a post from the other WR, looking for a short pass and a nice pick up on the ground, but then...

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