Texans-Titans: A Future Classic Rivalry

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Published: September 20, 2009

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... historical implications of Browns-Steelers or Bears-Packers. But try telling fans of these teams the atmosphere of this afternoon's game is any less intense.

The Texans-Titans rivalry hasn't even existed for a full decade, and thus far has been fairly one-sided. The conflict between fan bases, however, goes back a bit further. 

In 1997, Bud Adams dropped the city of Houston like a little kid who found a new playground. The swings in the old playground may not have been as shiny, but well-behaved kids know the importance of maintaining old relationships and supporting their community.

Bud Adams, however, was more like a spoiled brat. His actions would ultimately spawn the rivalry between Houston and Nashville. 

In 2002, football fans in Houston—those who retained loyalty to their city, that is—were finally rewarded with a new team. 

In the Texans' early years, they developed more of a rivalry with the Jaguars than the Titan...

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