Sports Announcers: Is This As Good As It Gets?


Published: April 8, 2009

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... do anything but talk about the players. Yes, it's a football game and a lot of that is important. I feel that talking about the players would be better off left to the after game shows. 

So many times have I been watching a game on TV to shut off the volume on the TV and then turn on a radio to listen to announcers that will actually fill you in on the play instead of talking about Joe Schmoe who did something for somebody I'll never meet.

I think the football games should actually be talking about the plays. They need to try and break the play down. 

I want to know what the coaches are up to. I want to see plays broken down. I want to see individual battles and the form that the players use. I want to be able to see the techniques that everyone talks about but has no idea what they mean. 

They can divide the game up into talking about certain segments.

For instance, during the first quarter they can keep displaying individual bat...

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