Six Step Plan (For Dummies) To Fix a Football Team: Cleveland Browns Edition


Published: September 28, 2009

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... and all of Cleveland has just been transported back to 1999 and the expansion year.

So the question that every keeps asking is, what to do now?

Sad to say this, but whatever we (as fans) want to see, will most likely not happen at all, but here is a list that I put together as a Six Step Dummies Guide to help fix the Browns right now.


Step one: Fire Eric Mangini.

This is one that is a no-brainer because first and foremost look at the New York Jets right now. Some of those players played for Mangini and then there are a bunch of new guys that head coach Rex Ryan brought on board with him and they are now 3-0.

Ryan obviously was more than willing to trade away all of Mangini's dead weight, and fortunately for Ryan, Mangini wanted all of that dead weight, so all those players got traded here to Cleveland.

This should have been a clue when Mangini keep bringing on all of his average and mediocre talent from the...

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