Really…Josh McDaniels? Really?


Published: March 26, 2009


... Head Coach of the Denver Broncos has taken it to a whole new level. How so?

The season hasn't even started and there is already drama. The last thing a team who just fired a pretty good coach chaos. That seems to be the case in Denver with Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels clearly not seeing eye to eye. We all know what happened, but to put it short and to the point:

The New England Patriots were dangling Matt Cassel as a bait. While teams that needed a Quarterback such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Detroit Lions seemed interested, neither one were able to get Cassel. Why?

Because Scott Pioli, new GM of the Chiefs had already worked his magic. Sounds like a typical "I need a quarterback so take my draft pick" trade, right? Not quite.

Everything appeared normal until reports came out that the Broncos...Who already have a Pro Bowl caliber QB were interested in the trade as well. Jay Cutler finds out and we have all the ammunition to start Worl...

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