Percy Harvin: The Next Moss, or a “Pot” Bust


Published: May 1, 2009


... despite the fact that the Florida star failed a drug test at the NFL Combine. Is the risk (that Harvin smokes his way out of the league) less or greater than the reward (that Harvin is the next Randy Moss)?

I don't think Harvin is the next Randy Moss, nor do I think he'll allow a relatively harmless drug to ruin a potentially promising career. I believe Harvin's future lies somewhere in between those two extremes—he'll be a good receiver who likes to smoke marijuana at the intersection of "occasionally" and "frequently."

In today's NFL, success is often measured in the number of trips to the Pro Bowl, while the number of trips to Roger Goodell's office is often a yardstick for failure. However, if a player can do both, it becomes much easier for teams to tolerate those trips to Goodell's office, or any type of negative behavior.

Clearly, Minnesota placed greater weight on Harvin's ability as a football player than they did on his character. Thus, it was a...

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