NFL Week Four: My Three Wishes


Published: October 2, 2009

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... Illustrated's Peter King mused this week that Russell might be the next Ryan Leaf. Has a quarterback ever been more insulted? I'll admit that Russell hasn't exactly set the world alight with his performances over the last three seasons, but the next Leaf? Come on, he's got to go a long way further down before he plumbs that particular depth. He's much more like Tim Couch, circa 2001.


2. That bye weeks start to make more sense

A bye after three rounds? In what other sport would you take a mandatory break less than 25 percent of the way through the season, with no promise of one for the other 75 percent of it. There are four teams out there who might as well write their seasons off now, because a rest now does nothing, when most of your team is ready to play. In eight weeks' time, the situation is bound to be different, but where others can put their feet up, these four sides are going to have to play on through as best...

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