NFL Stock Watch: Who’s Rising and Who’s Falling?


Published: July 11, 2009

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... to know which guys are for real and which guys are, for lack of a better word, fakes.

Last season, if you managed to grab DeAngelo Williams or Matt Cassell, you were handsomely rewarded for not only your insight but for your good waiver wire work as well.

This season will be no different; one will need to be astute when making a decision on who will become a fantasy stud and who may fall a bit flat.

Below are ten guys who need to either be off your list or quickly added to it before the first draft pick is done.

Some are likely to be no-brainers while others may not even be on your radar—this last point means that you may find a couple of these guys on waivers post-draft.

In some cases, the projected stats may look tempting (as is the case with Kurt Warner), but you would need to be confident that he will be healthy for the whole year.

Either way, it's a discussion that is worth having and, one that I know, will ...

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