NFL Schedule: Prime Time Woes and Solutions


Published: April 15, 2009

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... season the Dallas Cowboys some how have more prime time games then The Patriots, Dolphins, Falcons, Ravens and even The Cardinals.

I know Cowboy fans will say that they deserve it, but (hold on HAHAHAHA) you haven't. The truth is the only teams that deserve five prime time games are The Cardinals, Steelers, Colts, Patriots and Ravens. 

Those are teams that will at worst put on a good show and with their credentials should be given more prime time games. 

Other teams that do not deserve prime time games: Broncos and Browns

Then there are the teams that were screwed over. The Falcons and The Vikings both only have two prime time games despite there playoff appearances and exiting offenses. These two teams are young and on the rise and should be displayed for the public on the national stage. 

Now that you have heard my grievances  I will show which games should have been placed in the prime t...

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