My Official New Orleans Saints Review


Published: September 22, 2009

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... Brees showed that he is a good hunter by gunning down some Lions and some Eagles. We all know it is illegal to kill an Eagle, let alone 11 of them.

Brees leads the NFL with nine passing touchdowns, two interceptions, 669 yards and a quarter back rating of 132.9.

Brees has never played better in the first two games of a season in his career, but what makes this even better was the fact that he got it going on the road.

In 2008 Brees was not as effective on the road as he was at home, which was part of the reason the Saints were 2-6 on the road. In 2006 when the Saints went to the NFC Championship Brees had 17 passing touchdowns and only two interceptions on the road.

In 2008, his worst season on the road, he had 14 passing touchdowns and 11 interceptions. I did include the San Diego game across seas but if you take it out you will see Brees is 11-11 on the road.

Brees has improved at home throughout his seasons with New Orleans, but if he can conti...

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