Monday Morning Rehab


Published: July 13, 2009

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... border="0" alt="MMR" width="175" height="175" style="margin: 1px;" />The Home Run Derby is tonight.


Tell you what, this weekend was pretty miserable from a sports standpoint. Almost nothing going on save baseball.

I enjoy playing fantasy baseball, sure, but watching it? Thanks, but no thanks.

Nothing captures the vigilance of fans quite like football. Which is why, instead of watching baseball or anything else this weekend, I spent the majority of my time playing Tecmo Super Bowl.

What does it say, exactly, about baseball when I spend my time playing a football video game from the early 1990s? Boring could be the right word. Meaningless often fits, if you do not follow a contending team. Dull, too, perhaps.

I promise my bagging on baseball will end soon enough.

In just a few weeks, football training c...

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