Minnesota Vikings Need More From Brett Favre

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Published: September 22, 2009

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... to the tailor.”—Albert Einstein

I was on NFL Network Monday night, and the subject of my favorite Sears spokesman came up.

I made the point that there’s no way Brett Favre can continue to go along managing the game and expect to win a Super Bowl for the Minnesota Vikings. My theory was met with strong resistance from the distinguished panel of Marshall Faulk, Warren Sapp, and Mike Martz.

So today, I’d like to make a few points to support my case:

Brett Favre has not yet shown his gunslinger mentality with Minnesota.

I agreed with Vikings head coach Brad Childress when he said that winning in the NFL is very hard, and he was going to do whatever gave his team the best chance to win.

Beating the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns, however, is not overly impressive considering that you trailed at the half in both games.

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