Mike Wallace is The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Best No. 3 Option at WR

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Published: September 30, 2009

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... Pittsburgh's ability to make an actual run at defending their title in 2009.

Some blame Big Ben. Others want to blame the defense. And yet, others want to blame the coaches. In my opinion, there is really only one reason that the Steelers are 1-2 right now instead of 2-1.

Limas Sweed.

Now I know it seems a bit harsh to put all of the blame on one player for a loss, but I feel that his drop in the end zone last week at Cincinnati kept us from winning the game.

The pass from Ben was absolutely perfect and the defenders were a good three to four yards away from Sweed, giving him plenty of room to catch the ball.

But as he hit the ground, or rather fell to the ground, the ball flew out of Sweed's grasp and out of the back of the end zone. That score would have given us the win, a record of 2-1 going into Week Four, and much less panic in the Pittsburgh fan base.

How many chances are we going to give Limas?

It's generally not a good ...

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