Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions: A Case Study in Insanity


Published: April 25, 2009


... By the Detroit Lions. Who have so many more pressing needs than a quarterback who will be spending more time on the ground than standing. Even worse, a player who has never taken a single snap in the NFL.

The NFL is desperately in need of rookie contracts, like in the NBA. Players who have never played a single down are getting payed more than proven veterans such as Brian Westbrook, who in 2008 signed a three year deal worth $21 million with $13 million guaranteed.

Westbrook, who is a star among true NFL fans for his low-key behavior and hard work ethic, us getting payed less than a third of what a rookie who has never and may never win a game in the NFL is getting. Stafford is unworthy of being a top paid player in the league.

The Lions were also insane in signing a quarterback after signing Daunte Culpepper to a two year contract, and who lost 30 lbs in the offseason. The Lions will regret not signing Aaron Curry from Wake Forest, who has shot up the d...

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