Mark Sanchez vs. Kellen Clemens: The QB Competition No One Should Believe


Published: May 4, 2009


... absolute faith in any words escaping from Florham Park in the offseason is still ill-advised.

This isn't to say that the New York Jets are liars. It can be credited as a strategic approach, as it's quite obvious that this organization enjoys keeping its thoughts very close to the chest.

With the rookie minicamp over and Mark Sanchez back in California preparing to receive his degree from USC, the Jets' lip service is as consistent as ever.

"I'm looking forward to watching these guys compete," said Brian Schottenheimer, the Jets' fourth-year offensive coordinator.

Does he believe that as much as he did in March, when he told SNY that the Jets' 2009 opening day QB was currently on the roster?

Surely you jest.

In all actuality, everyone is really looking forward to watching Mark Sanchez perform well enough to justify being named the starter from the onset.

No one is interested in another competition involving Kell...

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