Kevin Curtis: Let The Phasing-Out Begin


Published: May 1, 2009


... have felt the pressure from Donovan McNabb and the fans to draft an "elite" receiver?


If Curtis would have caught that fourth-down pass on their final drive against the Arizona Cardinals, would this article have a point?

Oddly enough, that last statement might work against this article. But, I digress.

This has been happening to Kevin Curtis for his entire career.

He was drafted in the third round due to his small school and age, despite possessing elite speed, soft hands, and exceptional route-running.

He's the Marvin Harrison of running crisp routes, the equivalent of a young Torry Holt in speed, and has the hands of a Wes Welker.

At least, usually he does. (Insert Curtis' apology to team for dropping "a" pass here)

Still, after he showed progression and displayed his talent in St. Louis, they still held onto Isaac Bruce for as long as they could, only finally letting him go once Curtis jumped ship and headed for Phi...

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