John Madden’s NFL Trades turned to Treasures


Published: April 18, 2009

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... retirement is the beginning of a new era, not the end of a past filled with accolades and successes. 

The things Madden did must count as input and impartation into the lives of men and women, for it is "the giving" to others that makes our lives richer, and growing older, sweeter. 

For example, there are those who believe the Raiders and other teams have a few troubled players.  You have volition so you can believe what you want, but you can not deny the fact that those Raiders were a strong team under Madden's coaching style.  Men who may have had on stripes instead had on black and gray, worked as a cohesive team and won games, especially in 1969 and beyond. 

It may be more rewarding to coach changes in those who are labeled and stamped as troubled. Contributing to their transformation into winners in a game that is somewhat of a simulation of life is a rewarding experience.  You get knocked down, but you get u...

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