JaMarcus Russell Still Has Confidence Factor On His Side

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Published: October 2, 2009

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... to have heart, you have to have guts, lets not forget the all important "It factor."

Its what separates the weak from the strong, the free agents from the starters and the so called "bust" from becoming  budding stars.

It also takes a player willing to take a fall and learn from it. Bust stay down, stars get back up and try again.

Interceptions, criticism, demotion..which seems unlikely given coach Cable's trust in him, will in time shape the player that JaMarcus Russell will eventually become; if hes willing to learn from it all.

The greats learn from their mistakes, watch film, study other greats, and work on getting better.

When looking at Russell I see Tony Romo, even Tom Brady, a storyline that can be motivation to QBs that come after him.

Both are quarterbacks in the league who started from the bottom and had to climb their way to the top with hard work. The road was not easy, the red carpet was not laid out, they were virtually unkn...

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