It’s Derek Anderson’s Job, Again


Published: October 1, 2009

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... vs. the surprising 2-1 Bengals.  Coach Mangini's explanation was confusing and full of intelligent-sounding words; but at the root of the issue, he thinks Derek Anderson gives the team a better chance to win now.

I do not disagree, but unless the play-calling improves, we find a running game, and the right side of the line solidifies, I do not think the Browns have a prayer of scoring (let alone winning) anytime soon.  Mangini has once-again 'out-thought' the situation. 

Cleveland reporters barraged Mangini with questions like "why didn't you just go with Derek from the start" (my translation), and Mangini skirted the question saying "based on the information we have...we made this decision now."

What new information was presented to him? Three interceptions in one half, forcing the ball in tight places, with no chance to success, or something else?  Regardless of the real reasons, the Browns are moving forward, so I'll do the same.

What does this mea...

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