In Search Of Heroes and Role Models in Pro Sports


Published: March 30, 2009

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... game, their slap-shot, their passer rating, or their fastball. Still, many a sports fan finds their idol on the branches of professional sports trees.

But ironically, we cast away our allegiances to these sports stars when they fall short of greatness in the most important game of all: life.

The media plays a role in who we idolize and who we vilify when they report on players' lives. For once, it would be great to hear of a story in which a professional athlete conducted himself beyond reproach.


Well, my search for a role model has ended with Ryan Moats.

Moats, you will recall, is a running back for the Houston Texans. By NFL standards, he is neither a prolific star nor a media darling. He seemingly has punched the proverbial clock during his four-year NFL career, shunned the spotlight, and served his role as a back-up player on an average team.


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