How To Succeed At Belichick University


Published: July 18, 2009

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... selfless, dedicated, and hard working. Some players succeed and thrive in this environment, others drop out because they can't hack it. Some transfer and some are sent away, finished or not.

The ones that finish have a much easier time, generally, than the ones who weren't a fit for the system.

One only needs to watch five minutes of a press conference to realize that as a coach, Bill Belichick is not easy to please. He's ornery, short, and cross. Sort of like a super-secretive mob boss with a Napoleonic complex.

But that makes him a good coach, possibly one of the best ever. His players don't make excuses, they are quizzed on their opponents, they are expected to understand the game of football and their place in it.

If you can't handle that, the Patriots will simply replace you with someone who can. Sentiment has no room in New England, you have to have the right stuff year in and year out or you're gone.

It's a rather harsh system, but has p...

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