Having a Good Quarterback Is the Key to Winning

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Published: September 24, 2009

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... weekend, uninterrupted and without the thought of papers, exams and other work I had to get done looming over my head.

I noticed something that I have overlooked for years, and don’t really know why I have done so.  I became aware of just how important the position of quarterback is in the game of football, no matter the level. 

Two games stuck out to me from this past weekend as evidence of this.  The first was the Florida vs. Tennessee game on Saturday afternoon, and the other the Indianapolis vs. Miami game on Monday night. 

I know both of these games had to do with my favorite teams, but it is purely coincidental and you will see what I mean as I begin my case.

Now, whether or not Urban Meyer really did hold his offense back because Tennessee would not open up and throw the ball and really challenge the Gators for the win is up for debate, but he is right.  Tennessee could no...

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