Great Expectations: What We Can Expect From The Lions’ Rookies in ’09


Published: July 19, 2009

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... great expectations."—Charles Dickens

Each season in the NFL, fans of most teams reasonably look forward to making the playoffs. For fans of around 10-12 teams, hope can glimmer, but they've learned to look forward to another event: the NFL Draft.

For Lions fans, it's an obsession bordering on extreme. Lions' fans are always among the most knowledgeable in the game when it comes to prospects.

Ironic, because for years, the Lions have been the worst franchise when it comes to picking young talent.

I'm certain that the average Lions' fan/message board addict could have acquired better talent than Matt Millen in the past decade.

Yet, post-draft, the general feeling has always been mixed. This year is no different. You have your glass-half-full fan base—led by superfan and beat reporter, Tom Kowalski.

You also get the jaded and burnt crowd, to whom every lineman is Aaron Gibson, and every skill player is Mike ...

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