Grading the 1995-2004 Drafts

By NFLSportChannel

Published: April 16, 2009

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... class="MsoNormal" >Sportswriters love to grade each NFL team’s draft, right after the draft is over. 

Most likely, they do that because after the draft, the pro football season falls into the doldrums that last until the start of training camp.  Other writers like to wait a year or two before they assign a grade to each player drafted in the first round.


I maintain that one or two years after the draft is too early to fairly grade most NFL first-round draft picks.  Also, most of these grades are based on purely subjective measures.


One can usually distinguish an out and out bust within about three years following the draft, because the bum is already out of the league, if not actually in prison. 


But there are a large number of players who can range...

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