Goodell Should Say No To Michael Vick


Published: July 19, 2009

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... almost 23 months for his horrific crimes before finally being permitted to finish the remaining two-months of his sentence in home confinement in Hampton, Va.

Now that his sentence is almost up, he will finally see sunlight, have the electronic monitor removed, and maybe even get some snaps as quarterback in the NFL next season.

Monday is the day he’ll be granted freedom, marking a new turn in the saga Vick, who some people discerned as the greatest rushing quarterback of all-time.

Even his creative Gatorade ads broadcasted Vick’s speed and agility as superior to any other quarterback in the league.

It was hurtful and shocking when allegations were confirmed that Vick committed such dreadful crimes. Kids identified him as their role model, and even intimat...

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