For Hire: 10 Coaches to Replace Jim Zorn


Published: September 29, 2009

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... “This is the End” Jim Zorn, this "experiment" concocted by the mad scientist Vinny Cerrato and his loyal supporter Danny Snyder is not working. You weren't ready for the jump. Last season ended in an offensive nightmare and it's been a recurring one this season as well. You've lost the team and your obstinance to your maladroit playbook or lack there of is not a sign of coaching resilience but rather sophomoric ego. You're not to be blamed for all of this. That would be unfair to do. As mentioned, Cerrato and Snyder have only aggravated the situation with questionable moves and spending. But, you are the coach and the team responds to your leadership. Sunday's loss to the lowly Detroit Lions was the capstone to debate as to whether you deserve more time on the job. You don't. Your attitude post game and your comments that the Skins are getting better were dull. No wonder the team doesn't respond to you or your style. Attitude reflects leadership. There are a number...

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