Fantasy Football: The Risky 50


Published: July 18, 2009

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... knee up or breaks his leg, ending his season, and sending yours into a downward spiral. This article is dedicated to those of you who endure the season when Terrell Davis tore his ACL, when Javon Walker and Ahman Green both went down in 2005, or when Tom Brady was lost for the season in week one last year. It's hard to believe, but there are 50 guys (at least) who are worth the risk, but still will keep us worried from week-to-week. Check to see if your favorite player (or one on your team) makes the list, and whether or not you should start crossing your fingers and knocking on wood. Players made this list due to health issues, suspensions, and/or lessened roles with their teams. (List is in no particular order.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, and since you're unable to create more than 50 slides, number 50 is Vernon Davis. He has all the athleticism and speed in the world to develop, but his atti...

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