Eagles Finally Get the Message…It’s about Time!

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Published: April 26, 2009


... the answers to—namely, " How are we going to improve our team and get back to the Super Bowl?" and "How are Andy and the FO going to mess it up?"

Well, Eagles fan, they finally got it right!

I know we lost the "heartbeat" of the defense in Dawk, but we have very capable players and even with the aging "Mad Scientist" Jim Johnson, we will be just as tough this year as we were last year (No. 3 total D, for all the haters).

So, with that being said," How did they get it right?" 

For starters, the Eagles chose not to mortgage their future and go after the "big WR" that so many say we needed. 

Instead, they chose to get an electric, young WR, who's 6'1", named Jeremy Maclin and decided to get "Shady" (LOL), which basically provides No.5 with more weapons for the future instead of going after a talented yet attention-starved receiver in Anquan Boldin. 

The guys in the corner office finally seem to get that in order to make th...

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